How we educate has, and will, change dramatically as well as exponentially in the years to come.    If we are to “keep up,” we will need to think, technically and globally.   We as teachers and parents must learn along with integrate ourselves into this technological world we live in, if we are to understand how to interface and educate in the 21st century.   However, we face many hurdles such as basic understanding in regards to the use of technology such as computers, software, the Internet, as well as emerging technologies within our classrooms.   Additionally, we must reevaluate our definition of teaching and classroom, and the meaning of the the words “teacher” and “classroom.”  It’s outdated use and meaning will change whether or not we like it and we must be willing to nurture this change.

There are many key elements involved with FutureED which must be considered:

– “Teacher’s” excitement and willingness to learn/understand technology in education

– Administrators understanding and ability to promote technology change in education

– Training

– Development, by educators for educators

– Thinking Globally

– Web 2.0

– and many many others…

One of my favorite videos, “Web 2.0… The Machine is US/ing Us”  provides insight regarding changes in the way we communicate, learn, collaborate as well as how we are linking to one another, breaking borders and living globally.

We have an exciting road ahead of us and I am tieing up my shoes, dusting off my hat and am ready to go!