I wrote this as a comment to my blog posting of “The future is… How We Educate” and I wanted to move them to a blog post.  It stands as more of a follow up blog posting then just comments…

The first time I saw the video, “Web 2.0… The Machine is US/ing Us”, I was so impressed at how the “history”, development and impact the Internet has had on global communication was presented. The evolution of how we have come to communicate with each other is amazing and scary all at the same time.

As I watched the video, I began to feel just how small the world is becoming, so to speak, and how connected we all can be… Web 2.0 can and has truly made and impact on education, allowing teachers to provide much needed blended learning, immediate feedback, unlimited research capability, social impact and versatile communication with students and parents.

However, with “great power comes great responsibility.” I think many many teachers feel very intimidated by not only technology but the expansive amount of tools that are available to them. Along with the “scaryness” of just learning technology, how to integrate it is an even bigger one. “Ok, I have all of these tools, software, hardware, what do I do with it all, who will show me how to use them?” I see this all the time at UIC. It may not be actually said, but I can see it on the professors faces. At the university level, we have so much technology available, so much support and open avenues to try new software and hardware within our education environment. I know that at the K-12 level, teachers have similar problems but don’t have as much support and open avenues for experimentation and believe it is much more of an issue at the K-12 level.

UIC has recently opened, UIC Prep which is a High School ran by the university. I think this is where we need to go, the universities need to really involve themselves within the K-12 school districts to help develop and support technology, we have the resources, we need to use them.

On a last note, is the “machine us/ing us?” I would say yes and I would not consider it a bad thing, at this point. As it says the “machine is us” we develop bigger and better ways to go global, educate, communicate, etc, etc ,etc. We are creating for ourselves…